Haskayne Exchange


1. Make sure you are eligible and meet the requirements

a. Successfully completed 20+ courses which includes 3 or 4 of 317 classes
b. Grade-point average of 2.9 on the last 10 half courses completed is recommended
c. Core classes must be taken at the University of Calgary
d. Maximum of 2 concentration courses (Not ACCT or PLMA) and/or senior business options and/or non-business options can be taken abroad
e. Must maintain full time status while on exchange (take between 3 to 5 half courses)

2. Check the list of partnering institutions

a. Select the top 3 institutions that interest you

Click here for a full list of international exchange partners!

3. Apply for the Haskayne Exchange program here

4. Start researching after acceptance into the program

a. Research the institution, housing costs, airfare, and travel times before and after the date of your school term
b. Check the courses offered at the host institution. Take note of the number of contact hours for courses. 39 contact hours or a minimum of six ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) required by the University of Calgary to receive transfer credit

5. Attend a Mandatory Safety and Security Orientation

a. Click Here to Create a Profile and Register for an Orientation Session

b. You may also contact the Centre for International Students & Study Abroad (CISSA) at: 403-220-5581

6. Register with Risk Management after receiving an acceptance letter from the host institution

a. Click Here to Register for Risk Management

7. Submit course outlines to the international exchange coordinator

8. Register for approved courses

a. Also register for extra courses in case there are course changes at the host institutions

9. Before leaving for international exchange do the following:

a. Carry with you all emergency contact numbers and email addresses
b. Arrange specific time to contact family and friends on a regular basis
c. Photocopy all documents and write down important numbers such as credit cards and traveler’s cheques in case of loss
d. Apply for a passport at passport at the Passport Office: 254, Harry Hays Building, 220 – 4 Ave, SE, Calgary or at Travel Cuts (https://www.travelcuts.com/) on Campus or other travel agencies – it takes at least five working days to process
e. Find out if student and/or travel visa is required by the host country. Information can be obtained from the following website: http://www.escapeartist.com
f. Ensure that if you have a medical condition that requires medication, have appropriate documents for immigration and make sure your supply is enough to cover the length of time you are away
g. Obtain a letter from your doctor outlining your medical condition, treatment, and prescriptions. Be aware that some medications are illegal in certain countries. For more information go to: http://haskayne.ucalgary.ca/programs/haskayne-international/international-exchange/outgoing-exchange/passport-visa-and-medical

*Note: If you cancel your exchange in case of an unforeseen event, must submit a written cancellation to the exchange coordinator. Any additional steps will be addressed and outlined by your exchange program coordinator.

(Optional) Recommended Step:

The International Business Students’ Association (IBSA) offers a $700 – $800 grant from the Center for International Management (CIM). This grant will be given after completion of a successful exchange and submitting the exchange report.
Click here for more information on the CIM Grant

Additional Information:

Click here to view FAQ

Click here to check Semester at Sea

Contact an International Exchange Advisor:
Email: exchange@haskayne.ucalgary.ca