The International Business Students’ Association offers a variety of membership options to fit the type of opportunities you are interested in:

Associate ($25):

  • Students interested in gaining extracurricular experience and exploring what opportunities are available on the operational side of IBSA
  • This position allows students to “get their foot in the door” and gain broad exposure by helping executives out with certain activities
  • If they are interested in taking on higher level responsibility and gaining more experience, they can apply to be a Director or VP after 1 year of experience
  • Application form here

Outgoing Exchange Member ($20):

  • Students interested in studying abroad in their 3rd/4th+ years
  • Eligible to receive the $750 CIM Grant if they are going through the Haskayne International Exchange Program
  • Membership will carry through your undergraduate degree (does not expire)
  • Registration form¬†here

Domestic Buddy (IBSA Buddy Program) ($20):

  • Students interested in helping out international students studying at UofC for the semester
  • Great for people who want to socialize with not only international students but other UofC students
  • Very rewarding after the entire semester together
  • Partake in a variety of IBSA-hosted social events throughout the semester (approx. 1 per month)
  • Registration form (and more information)¬†here

General Member ($5):

  • Students who do not want any obligations/responsibilities but want to stay in the loop about IBSA events/opportunities through an email newsletter
  • Registration form here